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    July 7, 2013
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the final seconds before the asiana flight's crash landit s-f-o. the critical piece of information the pilots miss just before the impact. oh my god. >> you are filming it. >> oh, my god. >> the critical piece of information the pilots missed just before the impact. good evening. major new developments in the crash of asiana airline flight 214 at sfo. late word today. the pilots knew something was wrong. seven seconds before the impact. and they tried to abort the landing. an attempt was made to go around again but it was too late. the approach speed of the aircraft was significantly slower than the desired target
speed. 8 people remain in critical condition, dozens more still hospitalized. the two people killed were 16- year-old girls from china. they were to attend a christian camp. the coroner is investigating if one of those girls was run over and killed by a rescue vehicle. dramatic new video bian amateur cameraman caught the entire crash as it unfolded. >> look how the nose is up in the air. >> oh my god. it is an accident. >> oh you are filming it, too. >> oh, no. >> oh my god. >> oh my god you are filming it. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> you filmed the whole thing. >> oh lord have phers. >> that is the voice of fred hayes, he and his wife were taking a walk yesterday morning and decided to videotape the planes when the crash happened. >> it is kind of surreal.
my wife, gina we took it hard. we all did. it was a tragedy. and our initial reaction was that you know, everybody on the plane was in bad shape. and, you know, we were really happy that it was minimal, you know. and not everybody on the plane lost their life. >> obviously the video will play a key role in the investigation that follows up. the ntsb had a press conference this afternoon. kpix has more on what the pilots were doing seconds before the impact. >> the flight data and cockpit voice recorders have given investigators a lot of crews. now, the so-called black boxes were recovered in tact. soon after the crash landing. and ntsb investigators escorted by u.s. marshals took
them to the lab. they heard what happened in the critical, final seconds, seven seconds before impact one of the crewmembers called for more speed. the plane was going dangerously slow. then four seconds before crashing the sound of a stick shaker is heard. it is activated and 1 1/2 seconds before impact to avoid crashing a crewmember called for a go around. ntsb chief investigator explains. >> the approach speed was 137 knots and the question was whether or not we had the lowest speed that the crew achieved. i will tell you that the speed significantly below 137 knots. and we are not talking about a few knots. we still have to look at the information. it was a preliminary read of
the recorder. 137 knots came from the crew conversation about their approach speed. we need to take a closer look at the raw data on the flight data recorder as well as the traffic information to make sure that we have a very precise speed. but again we are not talking about a few knots here or there. we are talking about a significant amount of speed below 137. the ntsb has a long way to go before finding any cause. the mechanics and the engine has to be looked at and investigators are looking at san francisco airport for any videos of that crash landing. they still need to exam those. and brian, they are asking witnesses who may have video to also include that and turn it into the ntsb. >> let me make sure i have this clear. a minimal speed is 137 knots, 160 miles an hour.
and the chief of the ntsb is characterizing the plane speed as well below that? it would be a conclusion for people to say, well, it sounds like pilot error. i heard you ask that question at the press conference, are you narrowing it on pilot error as a cause? what was the response? >> well, as we heard earlier and i did ask that question, she said we are not going to make any conclusions for the cause this early in the investigation. they have been here less than 24 hours. they are not going to say it definitely sounds like pilot error. i am saying that it seemed that way but then we can not rule out mechanics. she said everything is still on the table. pilot error, mechanics, we don't know until they look at all of the evidence and that is something that brian, they have not done yet. >> all right. it could be a faulty instrument. it will take them 12 to 18 months for them to come to a conclusion, thank you. ntsb investigators spent
the day combing through the debris field. they were looking at the far end. their goal is the four corners of the wreckage. the nose, tail and wing tips. >> they are looking through the wreckage field to look for important parts. they documented the places of rest of the two fatalities. they are working now to document the seating positions of those who were injured. >> the what is collected will hopefully tell investigators how the plane itself performed during the crash. they are giverring us a look at the damage done to the 777. the pictures make the fact that people survived more remarkable. these are from the twitter feed. you can see the destructioned in of the plane. giving it a sense how violent the crash landing was. the investigation into the crash could take up to a year
and beyond. we are getting an idea what the pilot on flight 214 saw as they approached sfo. kpix don knapp spent the afternooned in of a night simulator trying to duplicate the conditions. >> that is right. we tried to figure out what the speed might have been, what the altitude might have been and if they were above and below the glide path as the plane came up on 28 left and before it crashed. we went with eric medina. a flight instructor. here is the video that we made. one factor talked about was the instrument landing system that is out for the summer of the part, the glide path indicator, it being out for the summer because of the work done on runways, so, that was lost and we wondered what kind of a role that might of played in the
crash. apparently not much of a role we understand that other planes have been landing without that and expect to land all summer without that. here is what it looked like when the plane came in 28 left without the equipment working. >> we do have a piece of equipment, a glide slope that is out. we have to e straight wait whether or not the pilot used or had available to them other tools in the airport or outside of the aircraft that were on the airport property and how they were flying the approach. if they were using automation, if they were hand flying. >> reporter: now, pilots have alternatives. they have gps they might have been able to use. the localizer. part of the landing system. that was functioning even though it may not have been. and they have the lights they look at. if they are too high, the lights one color, they are red, too low, they are white.
so, the lights were all functioning. then, they have the best instrument of all. the pilot's experience and his eyes. we are understanding many pilots are landing at sfo every day not using the systems. they use it when the fog is heavy and look at them when landing but coming in they were using the visual approach. that is what we have been learning from many who landed here several times. so, the question is if all of the other pilots are get nothing in there what did they play for this? >> you are saying the indicator, we learned that has been out since june 1st is not critical for landing at the airport? >> it appears not to be. first of all, old technology. and pilots can get in on a good day. everyone is saying what a incredibly beautiful day it was. 777 plane is and how could it happen? so, everyone just says they are
puzzled. don't understand it. we will look at that question of pilot error but we can not say that yet. but the pilots we have been talking with on the side have been suggesting somebody was not doing their job. >> you that, don. we learned the names of two 16-year-old girls kirsched in the crash. a photographer in china captures the month of wang lin jia learned the news. she and ye meng yua were on the flight. they were sitting in the back of the plane. there is a disturbing report that one of the girls killed in the plane crash may have been hit by a fire truck. sanfrancisco fire chief tells the chronicle that the girls injuries are consistent with having been run over. at a news conference this afternoon, the crash investigation they would have to address that. >> there was talk but not verified. i was suggesting to you that both the fire chief, the
coroner's office, and of course, the chair person at the ntsb would have direct information about that. >> the 16-year-old girl was found by the evacuation slide near the left wing an autopsy could determine how she died. hospitals all over the bay area treated patients yesterday. 17 patients remain hospitalized. six in critical condition including one child. at stanford, 11 are still hospitalized. two of them critically injured. and four are still at cpnc hospitals. >> we talked to one craft survivor who has five members in the hospital including her son. >> i see the picture with the fire it is hard. >> she speaks calmly outside of the hospital about the nightmare she just went,. >> the plane tail touched the ground directly. >> you felt that?
>> i felt it. yeah, yeah. >> reporter: skphaoe and her 4- year-old son were sitting -- she and her 4-year-old son were sitting in the back of the many next to a hole that ripped open. large enough for two. >> i had the time to walk out. it hit close to my seat so i took my baby and just take my carry on baggage and walked out. >> reporter: many were not as lucky. of all of the hospitals that took in injured patients sf general took in the post. today they described the injuries. >> a huge amount of spine fractures, some of them that include paralysis. the most critical had head trauma and internal bleeding. >> and saw patients with road rash suggesting they were dragged. we are not sure if those patients were outside of the plane. this is what happened to them. but both of them will be all right. >> one patient said the seats in front of her collapsed and
came at her. she was sitting in her seat and that is how she got her injuries. >> reporter: at one point they were running low on blood. they got an emergency supply but will need more over the next several days. many patients need surgeries. >> i feel lucky. >> reporter: she was sitting in the backyard plane. her son has a broken leg but all five family members will be all right. >> well, three of the four runways at sfo reopened today. runway 28l where asiana flight 214 crashed yesterday is closed as the federal authorities continue their investigation. you are looking live at the wreckage. the crash and the closures created a big mess leaving
passengers stranded. kpix5 has been there since before sunrise. how are peopling looking up. >> a lot of lines here at the airport. the long lines started to move and pick up at a faster pace. we will show you the footage shot earlier today. a lot of people spent the night sleeping on the floor at sfo after their flights were canceled yesterday. and that is because all of the hotels were booked up by other stranded passengers. now, when those folks woke up this morning they found these long lines waiting for them. airport workers have not seen this bizy for a long time. -- busy for a long time. they are helping to ease the
load at sfo. over at san jose airport the airport officials say they handled 12 flights diversions from sfo including 3 from alaska airlines and delta, jet blue and us airways, oakland airport officials there is a that they have taken 4, two from jet blue and one each from delta and alaska. back here live now, despite all of the help from nearby airports, still, the airport here canceling quite a few dozen flights and many more are being delayed. live at sfo. the two died in the crash were part of a group for a church and camp. they were getting ready to welcome the chinese students are mourning the death of the
teens. >> the two girls that were going to be here that passed away. >> i feel overwhelmed. i can not imagine what the families are going through. >> hugs, tears, after members of this church learned two 16- year-olds, yuan and lin jia both died in san francisco. >> we have is a youth group here they were supposed to be a part of that. the two students were part of a group of 35 high school and middle school students to live with host families. they were going to learn english and american culture. yesterday there was a text message. >> my plane is full of kids, just crash landed in san francisco. i said, what? >> reporter: derek is the school administrator for the summer camp they are driving back from a 4th of july trip when he received a text.
>> we had a northbound flight from l.a. that was picking up the students in san francisco. they were going to stay the day in san francisco and then arrive here on monday. >> reporter: in january, his family hosted a student from south korea. the kids consider james part of the family. >> it was really fun to hang out with someone that speaks a different language. >> reporter: the church's web site including this tribute to remember the two girls who died from the group of live. >> very gifted kids. what a loss. a tragic loss. >> the church will hold a vigil thursday at 7:00. the church members hold the remaining 33 students will come here at a later date. the word has it the surviving chinese students are heading back to china. that is the latest here in california, back to you. the clouds pushed onshore. moving into the golden gate
bridge. good evening, the ceiling is at 100 feet. cool spot, san francisco at 64. middle 70s in san jose where today we topped out at 79 degrees. a seasonal day in and around our microclimates, from the low 60s to the district back out to 70 in oakland. warm spot towards the dealt a. 76 degrees and fremont, back in through san leandro. bottoming out in the 50s. more at the coast. marching inland a good 50 miles. we become overcast, tonight, and that is how we will kick start our monday and then we will see the sunshine, the clouds turning back to the beaches and it will be warmer tomorrow than what it was today. but, tuesday, it will be the warmest day of all. now it looks like tomorrow. the highs from the 60 to the beaches, 60s, 70s across the bay, 80s around the peninsula. wrapping around the valley. quite seasonal. warm spot, again, try valley,
middle 70s coming around santa santa rosa. the forecast, 94 degrees. a stable weather pattern from wednesday all of the way to friday. area of low pressure to the north of us. going to the south. bumping down our numbers into the middle 80s. seasonal there and then we jump back up towards the tail end of the weekend this time next week. that is the pinpoint forecast in the house. it is the one. the only. it is vern glen. >> thank you. love the intro. a near 8 decade wait is over in the united kingdom. a's, giants spend the visit. you see them krasing the plate that did not go over well for sergio, sports straight ahead ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20%
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. did you see vern's highlights? dodgers crossing home plate? >> i have not seen anger in you in quite some time but i kind of like it. [ laughter ] >> it is like a car leaking oil. you can not stop it. giants up top. it lasted 1 day against the dodgers, putting on a good show. chad, early. armed the disabled list. a little help from hunter. look at it here. running, running, running, a nice grab. do you like it? extra bases. another shot of it right here. from there, on fire. 7 innings. 9 strike outs. gave up only 1 run in the game.
he went toe to toe here. giants got 3 hits off of him in 8 innings. he made it stay that way with a nice running grab on this one. that one robbed him. tied 1 in the 9th. strange stuff happened to sergio. a hiccup by buster posey playing 1st place here. look at what happened here. the ball gets away. the dodgers loaded the bases. two outs, he found a big one. the bases-clearing shot. and away. the dodgers took a 4-1 lead. he could not believe what he saw. snow sympathy, no love for the dodgers either on the way back to the dug out. -- no sympathy, no love for the dodgers either on the way back to the dugout. now, they took two out of three and the met coming to town tomorrow. the a's, boy, they handled this business in the midwest. a get away game in kansas city.
reddic, gets his stroke on. a 2-run double in the 2nd. part of a 5-run inning. man, these guys, these guys flat out scored. heeding 5-0. 1 inning later, again. this one, folks, it is no cheapy. that baby is gone. his 4th home run of the year. he drove in 4. the home runs are contagious. a home run derby later o. he crashed one back and away and got his 6th run for the year. it is wet. >> into the water. >> reporter: can you believe it? >> now, that is the hit to the right. he might go 160 pounds soaking wet? >> in fact, his teammates, so surprised. mobbed him when he got back to the dug out. he felt bad. any way, the a's, final 10-4. they stay in 1st place by half a game. a couple former pitchers took to twitter to defend them. the snubs, travis, saying it
say joke that donaldson did not get it. and greg bringing that up at the all-star game. important for home field advantage. it is so important. shouldn't the team with one of the best chances to be there have the same representation? colone was the lone player selected. it has been 77 years since the last british-born wimbledon's champion. what is today's date? 7, 7. hmm. today, in the final, murry against djokovic, won the first two sets. djokovic had him on the run but murry gets the point. pulled 4 games a piece. two games later, served for the match. [cheers and applause] >> murry's moment at wimbledon and finally the great british drought is over. [cheers and applause]
>> the first brit since fred perry to win since 1936. now, first round pick, nathan, did you see that, coach? did you like it? did you like it? he liked it. all right. he has the mad skills. at this soccer game in chicago. oh my god. the show here. the bicycle kick. hand and eye cordination and neat of foot. they win final of 9-6 if you are scoring at home. >> incredible. >> thank you. >> recapping what we learned today about the asiana a airlines crash. the pilots tried to abort the landing at the last second. they were questioned to go around and -- they requested to go around and try again but it was too late. the approach speed, supposed to be 160 miles an hour, was
significantly slower than that. the two people killed were 16- year-old girls from china. the coroner is looking into one of those girls was actually killed by a rescue vehicle. here is one more live look at the wreckage at sfo. the ntsb expected to be on the ground by a week. it could be a year to a year and a half before they issue a final report on exactly what happened. we will have more on the asiana crash coming up at 6:30. that is it for nus this special edition of kpix news. >> all right, then at 10:00 and 11:00 we will have news updates as always. thanks for watching ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
>> glor: tonight the investigation. new details about the moments before flight 214 crashed in san francisco as passengers marveled that so many survived. >> what are you thinking? what are you feeling? >> i was thinking i'm dying. >> glor: we have john blackstone, anna werner and former ntsb chair. the runnaway train. a town nearly wiped out by 73 cars careening out of control in canadian. don d arc hler says at least 40 are missing. >> oh, say can you see. >> glor: more than a game, 4,000 from newtown, connecticut, come together for an emotional afternoon in new york. and getting the message. police work up surprising new ways to prevent people from texting wile driving. >> they don't see it coming if they're not paying attenti